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Starting ssh-agent in Windows PowerShell

2 minute read

As someone who works mostly on Linux, there seem to be a multitude of issues for me to stumble over when having to use Windows. Using ssh in Windows PowerSh...

Building and testing Raku in AppVeyor

22 minute read

Trying to get an old Raku project up and running again led me down a deep rabbit hole. I ended up working out how to set up, build, and test Raku projects on...

Hotel hotspot hijinks

7 minute read

Ever been staying at a hotel and gotten annoyed that you always have to open a browser to log in for wireless access? Yup, me too. A recent instance was pa... is now

1 minute read

It’s been annoying me for a while now that the URL for this blog somehow just didn’t sound nice. I finally came up with a better-sounding domain name and ha...