General is now

1 minute read

It’s been annoying me for a while now that the URL for this blog somehow just didn’t sound nice. I finally came up with a better-sounding domain name and ha...

Vim hjkl arrow keys T-shirt design

1 minute read

Back in 2018 I found a T-shirt featuring vim’s hjkl arrow keys but stocks were sold out. I therefore had a dab at designing my own.

Two handy mutt tips

5 minute read

Mutt is a very powerful email client, mainly because it’s terminal-based and because it has a vast array of terse commands reminiscent of the terse command p...

Backing up photos from Android to Debian

9 minute read

One would think that since Android is a Linux-based operating system, that integration between Android devices and Linux computers would work rather seamless...

Controlling screen brightness via ACPI

9 minute read

Really, this is just a workaround for an issue I haven’t completely understood. Nevertheless, since I had to work out how I’d handled brightness control via...

Test suite profiling

15 minute read

Recently at $work I found that our test suite was taking longer and longer to run and had begun to slow down development. A long-running test suite smells of...